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Day 14: the gift of time.

My original plan for today: go to work, come home around four, get a few things done before a friend picked me up around 5:00, go to supper with her, go to bible study at 7:00, get home around 9:30, go straight to bed.

Around noon, I got a company-wide email saying the building would be closed at two on account of snow, a text saying that bible study was cancelled, and another text from my friend asking for a raincheck on dinner.

And suddenly I had an entire afternoon and evening with zero plans.

This has happened to me a few times recently. About a month ago, on a Thursday, I was trying to squeeze in a grocery run before heading down to church for a meeting that would keep me out until just before bedtime. I felt rushed and stressed and not entirely excited about the meeting… and then I got a text saying it was cancelled.

After leisurely finishing my grocery run, I wound up crossing a dozen pesky chores off my to-do list before spending the rest of the evening relaxing with my boyfriend and going to bed early.

Today, when I got home from work, I was unsure what to do with seven suddenly free hours. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long to embrace the open time. I soaked my much-abused runner feet in an epsom bath, read an entire book in one sitting, cleaned my kitchen, tried out a new recipe, and now am sitting here, feeling happy and calm and nourished. After I finish here, I’m going to make banana ice cream and enjoy it with an episode of Big Bang Theory, and then crawl in bed with another book before going to sleep early.

Do you ever feel like God just knows when you need a break? Last month, I was actually rubbing my eyes in the middle of the grocery store and thinking about how much I just wanted a free night when I got the text granting me my wish. Today, I was lamenting the fact that today and tomorrow had me busy from the minute I got off work until the minute I went to bed (probably late) when my email and phone pinged. It was like God knew. God knew I needed some time to just chill.

Now, I’m a very high-energy person. And I love my bible study, my failed-dinner-date friend, my Wednesday volunteer commitment, and my Wednesday church group and obligations. And I wouldn’t give them up for all the free time in the world. But sometimes, I just need some me time. Some time to read an entire chicklit YA book from cover to cover, some time to teach myself how to roast mushrooms, some time to cuddle with my boyfriend, some time to just hang out and not worry about being anywhere.

I don’t always realize how badly I need it until it is granted to me. Which is just a reminder that God is watching. God is providing. God’s gonna hand you whatever you really, truly need in order to restore your soul and keep truckin’ along as his faithful servant. He’s got your back. He’s looking out for you.

And I’m a major fan of a god who says, “You know what? Maggie needs to go home and read a book and eat some banana ice cream.” Seriously. Amen.