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Day 13: 10 awesome things about living alone.

I live alone. In college, I had single rooms, but I had to share bathrooms, kitchens, common living spaces with others. But no longer. I have my little apartment all to myself. I’m five months into solo living and I am happy as a clam. I’m also feeling rather listy, so let’s list it up.

1. I can wear (or not wear) whatever I want.

If I don’t feel like wearing pants (which, let’s face it, is always), I don’t wear pants. If I put on a nightie two hours before bedtime, no one’s around to judge. Only one foot is cold? One sock it is.

2. I don’t have to share my supper.

I love cooking for people more than anything, but I also like not being pestered for “just a few!” while munching my way through an entire bag’s worth of edamame. 2.5 servings my ass.

3. No one contaminates my dishes.

When I had roommates, I hated scrubbing bacon grease off their dishes (and I was always doing their dishes) before I could cook my veggie meals on them. Now the only food that enters my kitchen is 100% vegan, and it gives me great peace of mind.

4. My house, my rules.

I have a rule: no animal products in my apartment. First of all, I love having the right to make this rule. Second of all, I love having the kind of friends that respect it so willingly. It motivates me to make extra-delicious vegan food for them. Green pea and lemon risotto with roasted red peppers, anyone?

5. I rule the remote.

It’s all Big Bang Theory all the time over here. BAZINGA.

6. Weird food choices go un-judged.

I’ve already admitted that I demolish family-sized bags of edamame. I don’t owe you any more embarrassing confessions. But yes, I once googled “cucumber pancakes” because I wanted cucumbers and pancakes. They were delicious. Also: the occasional spoonful of peanut butter.

7. Tidiness is possible.

If there’s a mess, it’s my mess, and I clean it up. No more grumbling over a roommate’s schoolwork all over the coffee table or makeup smeared on the sink. Then again, there’s no one to blame but me for neglected dishes, but this is the price we pay.

8. Guests are always welcome.

If I want my boyfriend to come over, I needn’t ask anyone’s permission. Nor do I need to explain weird behavior, like, “Um, hey, Jackson’s writing a song about groundhogs on his guitar, so… sorry if it gets loud.” And yes, this did actually happen. And yes, it was exactly as awesome as it sounds.

9. I can talk/sing to myself whenever I want.

You haven’t really showered until you’ve belted out “Canticle of the Turning” while scrubbing behind your ears. And cucumber pancakes cook better when you talk to them.

10. I can pray out loud.

And I do.

This is a partial and growing list. The awesomeness never ends.