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Day 37: gettin’ stuff done.

Just because I want to show off, here’s a list of all the stuff I accomplished after work today:

1. Caught up on all the dishes that didn’t get done when I was in school or sick.

2. Signed up for my CSA box.

3. Paid bills.

4. Made a student loan payment.

5. Emailed my uncle about a possible visit.

6. Registered for a race.

7. Cleaned out my fridge.

8. Made (and ate) guacamole.

9. Clean all the papers off my counter and recycled/stored them as needed.

10. Watched some Big Bang Theory (haters to the left).

11. Looked up some recipes and read a few articles.

12. Wrote this here post.

13. In bed with my book by 8:45 p.m. (forthcoming)

Nights like this are my favorite. I didn’t get started on cleaning out my closet, but maybe I’ll get a jump on that this weekend! I was reading about Project 333┬átoday, and I’ve already eyed down my closet in passing. There are quite a few pieces hanging in there that will soon be under the line of fire.

I can tell I’m still recovering from being sick. I felt tired this afternoon after yoga, which usually perks me up, but the combination of that and my first run since illness was probably a little much. Also, my guacamole supper made my tummy just a liiiiittle fussy, probably from the fatty avocado and salty chips. Especially dumb since I almost never eat salty stuff anyway, so… yeah, it’s a learning curve. Thankfully, my body’s pretty tough, so as long as I put it to bed early (which is where I’m headed right after I click “Publish”), I should wake up feeling fine. I’ll be careful to drink lots of water and eat well and clean tomorrow, especially since I have to run 18 (!) miles on Saturday for my training.

Man, I feel good. My apartment still isn’t immaculate, but it’s on the way!

Hugs. Go clean something, it’ll perk you up.