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Day seven: it’s okay to want simplicity.

My friends can vouch for the fact that I love to cook. In the past two weeks, I’ve made green pea and lemon risotto, lemon-garlic focaccia bread, spinach quinoa bread, hummus, spicy white bean dip, chickpea cutlets, banana ice cream, quinoa salad, chewy chocolate raspberry cookies, strawberry milkshakes, and a plethora of oatmeal concoctions. I can happily putter around my kitchen for hours. The more complicated the recipe, the better.

And yet… my supper tonight was a green smoothie and four pieces of toast.┬áSimple, easy, comforting.

No, I didn’t have a bad day at work. No, I’m not homesick. No, I’m not pining for my boyfriend. I’m not lonely or stressed or sad. I’m actually quite happy tonight.

So why am I having such a simple, comfort-food meal? Because I wanted it, damn it.

English majors are allowed to read Twilight. Marathon runners are allowed to go for a short jog. Accomplished pianists are allowed to play “Heart & Soul.” Seamstresses are allowed to make fleece tie blankets. Chemists are allowed to make baking soda/vinegar volcanoes.

Being good at something doesn’t mean you always have to reach for the top bar. Being good at something simply grants you access to a wider range, from the complicated, difficult stuff to the easy, beginner stuff. You have permission to enjoy all of them. It’s okay to do the simple thing even though the complicated thing is within your reach.

Of course, in order to become good at something in the first place, you do have to reach for the top bar every so often. You can’t expand your range without doing so. But pushing your limits and trying something new makes the occasional return to simplicity all the more rewarding.

I am perfectly able and equipped to make a fancy risotto or a hearty soup. But you know what? I wanted toast and a smoothie.

It’s okay to choose simple. Enjoy your toast and smoothie.