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Day 39: I missed another day.

I did. I failed yesterday. I was “round two” sick. It seems I jumped back into my normal routine too quickly after Monday and Tuesday’s horror show, and I paid for it by sleeping horribly on Thursday night and spending most of Friday on my couch. Every time I got up to do something or try going to work, I had to sit back down sixty seconds later because I was light-headed and fatigued. Awful.

So I apologize. My wits were absent and I didn’t have it in me to write, I guess.

Today, however, I was back to normal! I guess all I needed was a full day of true rest and recovery, because today I spent an hour and a half at the animal shelter and ran eighteen (!) miles before taking the train downtown for coffee and conversation with a dear friend and her other friend.

And what a blessing! My friend, Lindsey, brought me and Karen together because of our mutual interest in environmental ministry. Karen is working to buy space for a community garden and hopes to involve children and local churches in the process, and Lindsey hoped my plans to write a youth creation care curriculum for my seminary project would benefit her. She could be a test site and also a source of inspiration for me: what did she need or want from a curriculum? What would be useful to her? What could I give her? What feedback could she give me? Perfect.

For two hours we talked and laughed over soy chai teas (so yummy I may dream about them tonight) and very expensive dark chocolate (supporting small farms in Honduras is worth it). It certainly wasn’t fancy or exotic or wild, but goodness, what a good time! I learned, I laughed. I loved spending time with Lindsey, whom I always enjoy, and I loved meeting Karen. What a cool woman! She’s so honest and down to earth and genuine, yet so impassioned and so optimistic about her goals. Amazing.

God is sending people my way in droves as I think more about this project. And it’s beautiful. What a great God.