Day 31: the need for hope.

These few days of class have opened my eyes to just how much work needs to be done in order to save the planet.

Let me tell you: a lot of work needs to be done.

It’s overwhelming. It’s scary. It’s discouraging. There is so much healing, so much changing, so much patience needed to reverse the damage we’ve done. How can we rewrite so much of our cultural and ethical codes? How can we convince our fellow human beings to radically change their habits? How can we possibly do this on our own?

One of my professors quoted John Cobb, a process theologian:

“Without God’s initiative, I have no hope.”

God is the answer. God is the one upon whom we lean. God is the catalyst, the guide, the hope.

So many times today, I felt crushed by the enormity of our task. Until I recalled those words and remembered: God will see us through.

Katie Davis is a missionary in Uganda whom I admire deeply. Her book holds as much inspiration for me as the bible. She writes of a time when she left Uganda for a stint in the states, and how during that time she lost touch with God. She was surrounded with counterfeit gods that fulfilled her basic needs and thus did not rely on God and on prayer to get food on the table and heal the sick. It was not until she returned to Uganda that her relationship with God was restored, when she had to rely on him every single day.

This is us. We are hurtling toward our own destruction, moving so quickly that we cannot save ourselves unless we act now. Unless we rely on God.

Remember yesterday? Turn to God. Be in his image. Lean on him, rely on him, have faith in him. If we do our part, he will do his. He will give us hope.



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