Day 29: first day of school!

Today was the day! I started classes at a seminary in town, working toward my certificate of environmental ministry and leadership! We didn’t do much today in terms of actual study. Mostly just introductions and a field trip to the dump (yeah, you read that right). However, I did promise a list of tidbits. So here we go.

1. Three of my classmates have a science background: one in physics, one in chemical engineering, one in environmental biology. They all agree that their relationship with God was strengthened through their love and appreciation for science. Isn’t that kind of beautiful?

2. One of my classmates recently adopted a cat from the shelter where I volunteer. A cat whom I adored. This particular classmate is an excellent match. What a little blessing :)

3. There is a world class golf course in southern Chicago built on top of a landfill. This golf course has no trees because of the plastic liners that are used to keep the waste under control: tree roots would tear the plastic and release fumes and toxins.

A short list. There will be more tomorrow: we’re digging into the theological and biblical resources!


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