Day 28: first day of school! …tomorrow.

I’m going back to school tomorrow.

Let me clarify: I’m going to attend classes at a seminary in town for the next four days as I work my way toward a certificate in environmental ministry and leadership. I’m one of ten or so students, and we have three instructors who will walk us through lecture, readings, and field trips. I’ll do project work over the summer and return to the seminary in October for another round of classes.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I can’t wait to meet my fellow tree huggers and dig into the readings we were assigned and ask hard questions about what we, as Christians, are obligated to do to care for creation.

I will be busy and likely tired, but my current plan is to blog 3-5 of the most interesting tidbits I learn each day!

And now… to bible study! My friend Amanda invited me over early so we could eat vegan food and talk about veganism together! She’s also a distance athlete and wants to talk about diet things. She’s making sweet potato chickpea curry. I can’t wait.


One response to “Day 28: first day of school! …tomorrow.

  1. That’s exciting! Have fun!

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