Day 27: my future?

A quick anecdote:

A woman I work with was walking two of her friends, a married couple, around the office today on a little tour. They stopped by to say hi and said they were from Portland, Oregon.

“Oh, awesome!” I said. “I’ve always wanted to go Portland. I’m a vegan – “


Immediate friendship.

It’s such a blessing to meet fellow vegans. When I decided to go vegan, plenty of people warned me that it would be a lonely life. I went into this fully aware that my fellow kale munchers were few and far between, but it’s given me a great appreciation for the rare occasions when I do bump into them. This couple was no exception.

We exchanged a few stories about our decisions to go vegan and the cookbooks we liked before they launched into tales of the vegan clubs they frequent in Portland. My face hurt from smiling so much. What an inspiration to see a happily married couple in their sixties engaging in an active vegan community! It was amazing!

I confided in them that I harbored fantasies of spending a week this summer working on a farm sanctuary with rescue animals, just shadowing the staff, working hard in exchange for learning about their work. This incredible couple immediately listed half a dozen sanctuaries near the Portland area and offered to ask their vegan friends if anyone had a connection.

See, it’s little things like this that make me believe God is at work in my life. Here is a random couple I’ve never met who just happened to be touring the office at a time when I’m not usually at my desk. I randomly mention my vegan diet, and suddenly I’m a hundred steps closer to my dream of working for an animal sanctuary.

The older I get, the more I see how God works. If you pray sincerely and often and regularly take small steps toward that which sets your heart to dancing, God takes care of the rest.

I’ll keep you posted. Keep your eyes peeled for God in the details. He’s there.


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