Day 23: assessment.

So I’m over halfway through the lenten blogging challenge. I’ve made some observations over the last three weeks or so, and I’m assessing my thoughts about this blog and its future post-lent.

1. Blogging is an absolute chore on busy days. I didn’t set up the challenge in a way that allows for advanced posting or using an editorial calendar, so I have to write every single day. If I get busy or forget until the last minute, it costs me sleep! Once the challenge is over, I doubt I’ll write daily, and I’ll definitely plan around my schedule.

2. At this point, the focus of this blog has been Christianity and my own thoughts on faith. It fits with the theme of the challenge, but I definitely want to expand more into topics such as veganism, recipes, running, and more.

3. I regularly get ideas for posts that I want to spend a little more time on, like recipes or lists or advice posts. I hope to use an editorial calendar once the challenge is over so I can plan posts more carefully. Also, it means I can write several at a time and schedule them to post over the course of the week.

4. Writing about God so often has definitely forced me to think about him as well. I’ll start with a sentence and wind up with a whole post full of thoughts I didn’t even know I had. It’s a blessing and has brought me closer to him.

5. Also: I don’t have many readers… but they’re cool :)

6. All in all, this blog has fulfilled its purpose of making me write. It’s like Anne Lamott’s idea of the shitty first draft: just get it out. Write it down. Get your fingers used to stringing words together. Who cares if it isn’t good? You’re still writing. Crawling is still forward motion. So even when I’m tired, busy, stressed, or what have you, I’m writing. I’m building the habit. And every post I write, I think afterward, “I’m glad I wrote that.”

So that’s where I’m at, folks. Building the habit of writing. Come Easter Monday, the real fun will begin. But for now, I’m just a woman with a computer, stringing words together one at a time, following God one baby step at a time.


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